Sockwell is a brand of over the counter compression stockings. They are created from homegrown merino wool and come in a variety of beautiful colours and eye catching designs. Made with custom-crafted yarn blends, they’ll help your feet stay dry and odor-free all day long. Come into the clinic to see which colours and designs are in stock!


Sigvaris is a brand with high quality and innovative medical compression therapy solutions. Although they are primarily known for their medical grade prescription stockings, they also have prescription compressions sleeves and leggings!

Urisec 12

Urisec 12 is a therapeutic moisturizing and lubricating lotion for dry skin conditions. It is safe to use on feet and legs as well as for use by diabetics. Contains 12% Urea

Urisec 22

Urisec 22 is a therapeutic and lubricating cream for dry skin conditions. Used for tough areas such as heels, knees and elbows. Contains 22% Urea


Drysol is an antiperspirant for hyperhidrosis. It is clinically proven to reduce perspiration 98% of the time. Ideal for use on underams, feet and hands.


FungaSoap is an antifungal foot wash. It is enriched with Tea Tree Oil and helps wash fungus and bacteria away from the skin surface. It soothes itchy, dry and irritated skin and refreshes and deodorizes the feet.


CleanSweep is an antimicrobial shoe shield. It is clinically proven to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, fungus and mold on surfaces.


Biofreeze is a cooling menthol gel formula that is fast acting, long lasting and provides penetrating pain relief for sore muscles and joints .

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish

Dr.’s Remedy is a podiatrist fomulated enriched nail polish infused with organic tea tree oil, biotin, wheat protein, garlic extract and lavender. They come in many different colours.

Dr.’s Remedy Epic Exfoliator

Dr.’s Remedy Epic Exfoliator gently exfoliates and sheds stubborn, dry and overgrown cuticles effectively.

Dr.’s Remedy Radiant Remover

Dr.’s Remedy Radiant Remover is a bio-sourced product made with materials to remove polish naturally.

Dr.’s Remedy Ridge Repair

Dr.’s Remedy Ridge Repair is a ridge filler and base coat. Its helps to condition, nourish, and strengthen bumpy nails. It also helps heal damage and reverse discoloration.

Dr.’s Remedy Balancing Biotin

Dr.’s Remedy Balancing Biotin is made with purple carrot juice. It is a great tasting gummy vitamin formulated by podiatrists. It is packed with 5000 mcg of biotin.

Dr.’s Remedy Caress Cuticle Oil

Dr.’s Remedy Caress Cuticle Oil intensely hydrates nails and skin and revives dry, cracked cuticles on contact. It contains Lavender oil, antioxidant-rich Grape Seed Oil, Algae Extract and purifying Tea Tree Oil, while Undecylenic Acid - a power fatty acid - acts as the first line of defense against nail fungus.


Onykoleine is a purifying solution for fragile nails. It contains two patented ingredients combined with an essential oil complex to strengthen and embellish weak and stained nails.

Night Splints

A night splint is used to maintain ankle alignment during your sleeping hours. It is used to maintain a constant traction on the calf muscles as well as the plantar fascia on the bottom of the foot. Night splints are a useful aid in the healing of painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis as well as bone spurs.

Foot Roller

A foot roller is an acupressure ball that can be rolled along the bottom of the foot. It is used to help break up adhesions and inflamation and in turn will stimulate the blood flow to the area to begin healing.

Gel Heel Cups

Gel Step Heel Cups are made of silicone gel. They are used to increase the cushioning and support under your heels. Great for those who suffer with heel pain due to a lack of cushioning.

Waterproof Cast and Bandage Protector

Waterproof cast and bandage protector is used to keep the foot and leg dry when showering. Some can also be used for swimming. It is indicated for use postsurgically as well as if there is a cast on your foot or in the case where you may have an open wound requiring a bandage.


Telics are recovery sandals. They are designed to support the arch of your feet through a custom deep heel cup while minimizing pressure. They are created from a Novalon Material - tested to rebound better, maintain its shock absorbing properties longer and last twice as long as your standard shoe. Telics react to your body temperature to give your feet a hug as they conform perfectly to your personal shape.

Urisec 12

Urisec 12 is a therapeutic moisturizing and lubricating lotion for dry skin conditions. It is safe to use on feet and legs as well as for use by diabetics.

Simcan Diabetic Socks

Simcan Comfort Socks are made of a soft, all natural combed cotton and has a nonbinding ergonomically-perfect fit. This super stretchy sock is designed to comfortably fit almost any size foot and leg without restricting the wearer’s natural circulation. These socks have an entirely flat toe seam and moisture wicking fibers. They can be used for diabetes, poor vascular circulation, edema, arthritis and wide ankles.

Diabetic Defense Foot Wash

Diabetic Defense Daily Therapy Foot Wash keeps feet clean, increases circulation and moisturizes the skin. Formulated with all natural, 100% plant based extracts including tea tree oil, ginger, shea butter and other essential oils - a proprietary formula providing a natural moisturizing cleanser.

Anodyne Diabetic Footwear

Anodyne Diabetic Footwear has stylish indoor as well as outdoor footwear options. Their line of unparalleled therapeutic footwear includes everything from sneakers to slippers to be comfortable.