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- Letting water run over your feet when you are taking a shower is not enough. Wash your feet with warm soapy water and a sponge. This will help remove dirt, sweat and bacteria. This will also prevent infections and odours from developing. - After washing your feet, dry your feet well, ensuring that you dry between all of your toes. Bacteria as well as fungus thrive in warm and moist environments. - Don't share towels, socks or shoes, as this is a means of spreading infection. - Moisturize your feet daily to help keep the skin hydrated. Try to make moisturizing your feet part of your daily body care routine. - Toenails need to be trimmed regularly. Always cut straight across and follow the natural shape of each nail. Don't cut your nails too short or down the sides of your nails as this can result in soreness, infections and ingrown toenails. - If your toenails are hard, thick and difficult to cut, try soaking them in warm water to soften them. If you are still experiencing problems then seek the advice of a Chiropodist. - Always use a fresh pair of socks or stockings. This will help keep your feet feeling fresh and prevent odours from developing. Try to alternate the shoes you wear every day, your feet sweat in the shoes and rotating footwear will allow them to dry out thoroughly.