What is a Chiropodist?

What is a Chiropodist? Photo

Chiropodists or Podiatrists specialize in assessing, diagnosing and treating problems in the lower limbs. They are trained to provide foot care and give professional advice to patients of all ages. Chiropodists or podiatrists are the only health professionals who are trained exclusively to assess and treat foot problems. No referral is necessary to see a chiropodist. Services provided by Chiropodists include (but are not limited to): - Treatment of dermatological conditions such as calluses, corns, warts and fungal infections chiropodist. chiropody - Assessing a persons walking or running pattern and correcting alignment by prescribing, manufacturing and fitting orthotics, braces and other aids and appliances - Monitoring foot problems and deformities of high risk patients, such as diabetics, and advising them on proper footcare - Performing minor surgical procedures under local anesthesia We work closely with many other medical disciplines to provide you with the best care possible. These include general practitioners, such as your family doctor.